• #SeaTurtleSafety

    Did you know that holes left behind at the beach are hazardous for baby sea turtles as they make their way to the ocean? #SeaTurtleSafety stickers remind you to "Refill Holes," and because they are water-proof, they can be placed directly on your beach buckets and shovels!

  • The #SeaTurtleSafety Project was established during the summer of 2019 in an effort to spread awareness about the simple things we can do to protect sea turtles. Our "Refill Holes" sticker was illustrated by fashion designer, Sinéad Blanchette, and each one is hand-colored by elementary students in Savannah, GA. Every sticker is a unique piece of art—no two stickers are the same!

  • Protecting sea turtles is easy!

    Follow these steps to help ensure the safety of our sea turtle friends:


    Dig away!

    Enjoy your day at the beach! Dig holes and build sandcastles... no worries, have fun!


    Pack it up

    If you brought it with you, remember to bring it home! Gather up all beach gear including plastic beach toys and buckets.


    Flatten and fill

    Before you leave for the day, flatten any sandcastles and fill in any holes that you have made. If left behind, these can become obstacles for sea turtles.


    Rest easy

    Relax knowing that you have not created any hazards for turtles who are nesting or hatching on the beach tonight!

  • #SeaTurtleSafety Stickers

    Place an order for a hand-colored, one-of-a-kind sticker sent straight to your mailbox! They are weather resistant and can be placed on beach buckets and shovels. 100% of the profits from the sale of these stickers helps provide care and support for sea turtles.

    Make a Donation

    Make a Donation

    5.00 - 100.00
    Would you like to make a contribution to help keep this project going strong? We are a simple and streamlined organization, but we do have some monthly costs. We appreciate any and all donations. Thank you for your kindness!
    Get a "Refill Holes" Sticker

    Get a "Refill Holes" Sticker

    3-inch, weather-resistant sticker that has been hand-colored by a kid who loves turtles! The exact colors and style will vary--each sticker is unique! Or choose "Plain Sticker" if you'd like to color one yourself.

    Shipping on all stickers is FREE!
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